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Timmy's Story: The Tragedy and Rise of Proven Roping Horse - HR Tiny Tim

In the classic Christmas story, Scrooge, Tiny Tim was a sweet crippled boy with the classic phrase “God bless us, everyone.” It seemed like the perfect name for our stallion, giving his beginnings.

HR Tiny Tim was born in the pasture, as most of our horses are here at 7HR Quarter Horses. When we found him and his dam, his front leg was broken. While it was a heartbreak, it was a clean break and luckily, no broken skin. We called the vet to put him down. He was alert and nursing and trying to follow his dam. We knew he had try. We decided to give him a chance.

For six months, he stayed in a stall. After months of casts and wraps, we took everything off and realized his leg was not developing correctly. Things did not look good. It was time to take him to the vets at Texas A&M University. There, the vet put on a special shoe that supported his leg until the tendons and muscles got strong. The rest is history.

Tiny Tim has never looked back. He is sound. He is showing. And he is winning. His first foal crop will be in 2011 and will be AQHA Incentive Fund.

Timmy is in training with AQHA Professional Horseman James Barton of Barton Performance Horses at Stephenville, TX. He qualified for and will be shown at the AQHA 2010 World show in Jr. Tie Down Roping and Jr. Team Roping - Heeling.